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R4 Limited is Northern Ireland’s 1st registered waste disposal site for the recycling and recovery of waste tyres.

R4 Limited offer tyre recycling service to a diverse range of clients in following industry sectors.

  • Tyre retailers and wholesalers
  • Car Showrooms / Garages
  • Local Authorities & Government Agencies
  • Public/Private Sector Agencies
  • Haulage / Road Transport / Logistics Organisations
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Vehicle Dismantlers / End of Life Vehicle Reprocessors
  • Private Individuals

R4 currently offer free confidential practical advice to organisations concerned about tyre disposal and are actively engaged in promoting awareness on tyre related issues throughout Northern Ireland to a number of key stakeholders

Technical Expertise
R4 Limited has key personnel with a proven track record of expertise in the tyre arena.
R4 Limited is operated under the expertise of Managing Director Lynn Kerr, a member of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management.

Service Reliability
R4’s tyre collection service is well established and fully operational ensuring a sustainable legitimate collection service. R4 are committed to providing & promoting the environmentally preferred option that our customers demand, and there is also the need to demonstrate to our clients that we have a long term sustainable disposal route.

Green credentials
The green credentials of R4 Tyre recycling are deeply embedded in the philosophy of the whole business.

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