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R4 Limited is a tyre recovery and recycling business specialising in the collection, segregation, recycling & disposal of post consumer tyres. Based at Tavanagh Industrial Estate, Portadown our environmental policy extends not only to our site specific location but also our activities off site either at customers’ premises or in the general environment. R4 is committed to continually improving the environmental performance of its activities through the setting of objectives and targets. Through the implementation of an Environmental Management System R4 will work to fulfil the following aims:

Environmental Performance
R4 Limited will continually review & monitor its environmental impact for both current and future operations.

Environmental Protection
At R4 Limited we will adopt the following environmental protection activities:-

  • Protect the natural environment by the responsible use of natural resources.
  • Implement an environmentally sound transport strategy.
  • Assist our customers on how to use our products/services to the best environmental advantage.
  • Reduce or eliminate pollution.
  • Reduce or eliminate waste through adopting waste minimisation techniques.
  • Include environmental considerations in future investment decisions.
  • Expect similar environmental standards from all third parties involved with our business.

Environmental Legislation
R4 Limited will endeavour to exceed the requirements of applicable legislation & regulations and other requirements.

Environmental Awareness
R4 Limited will ensure that all staff will receive the necessary support & training to enable them to fulfil the commitments given in this environmental policy, and have the skills required to implement it.
R4 Limited will consult with other parties to ensure that future quality of the environment may be maintained or enhanced wherever possible.
R4 will ensure that our suppliers are aware of, and support our commitment to this policy.

Internal Communication
Environmental Policy is delivered to all new employees as part of the induction process, and each employee receives his/her own copy. Training Evaluation determines if it is understood and correctly implemented.
A copy of the Environmental Policy is also available via the company intranet and upon request.

External Communication
The Environmental Policy has been sent to all existing suppliers and will be sent to all new suppliers & contractors when appropriate. The Environmental Policy is also available via the company web site.

The Environmental Policy is reviewed annually in line with current business activities.